Energy Modeling

Founded in 2005, Energy Efficient Engineering is a socially responsible third - party consulting firm specializing in building performance analysis, sustainable design, and commissioning. We work collaboratively with the design team to develop occupant comfort strategies and inform the conceptual direction of the building which includes elements such as massing and orientation, envelope assemblies, shading, and daylighting. We analyze and consult on commercially available and advanced building systems to evaluate options, simulate performance, analyze results, develop recommendations, prepare financial analyses, and make presentations on the process and outcomes.

Energy Modeling allows you to...

  • Understand design decision - implications

  • Improve building performance

  • Resolves complicated questions

  • Reduces risk

  • Qualify for 3rd Party Fund ing and Tax Credits

  • Meet regulatory requirements

  • Meet LEED certification prerequisites


The EEE approach to building Commissioning is as a collaborative, complementary participant. We work directly with the ownership.

Simple Box Modeling
Load Reduction
HVAC System Selection
Simulation Aided Value Engineering
As-Designed Energy Performance
Measurement & Verification

Our Process

Simulation early and often results in better buildings design solutions that are possible in early design, that affect first costs and operational energy costs, and are more expensive to implement later on.

Simulation is a method of controlling first costs as well as reducing operating costs. Building performance simulation allows the architect and client to select only the most effective energy - saving strategies, eliminating those that may add to first costs but don’t significantly improve performance.

EEE performs QA/QC on the simulation, and communicates simulation results to the design team and client.

Case Study

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