Computational Fluid Dynamics

Energy Efficient Engineering uses the state - of - the - art CFD software to convert 3D models into a fully interactive flow bench, thermal test rig, and wi nd tunnel. 3D assemblies become associative, zero - cost prototypes revealing critical engineering information not available from physical tests

CFD Air flow

Models Available

ISO Volumes & Surfaces

An Iso Volume is the volume of a model that falls within a specified range of a result quantity value.

Iso surfaces are a three dimensional visualization tool that show a value as well as the physical shape of the flow characteristics.

Thermal Comfort Simulation

Thermal Comfort Sim is a way to characterize specific conditions in which a known fraction of occupants will find the environment thermally acceptable.

Mean Age of Air

Mean age of air contours show that the area behind the partition and corners of the room are not well vent ilated and that one worker will breath air that is significantly fresher than that for the other worker.

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