Building Commissioning

Commissioning is a process for establishing criteria, verifying, and documenting that the performance of a building and its various systems meets the design intent and the owner’s operational needs.

A properly commissioned building confirms the proper op eration of the equipment and buildings systems, ensuring that they operate as designed and will satisfactorily meet the needs of the building throughout the entire range of operating conditions.


The goal of commissioning is to verify to the owner that energy-consuming mechanical, electrical, lighting, life safety and controls systems function interactively in compliance with the project intent, and to facilitate the orderly and efficient transfer of the systems to the Owner’s Operations and Maintenance personnel.

Our Approach

The EEE approach to building Commissioning is as a collaborative, complementary participant. We work directly with the ownership, design and contracting teams to ask questions and seek answers to virtually all elements of the project. We use the Commissioning process within each project phase to inform decisions in that phase, all with a greater goal of building optimization and excellence, depicted graphically as follows:

Design Phase
Installation Phase
Testing Phase
Acceptance Phase

Design Phase

Design team articulates these requirements to the project environment to achieve a set of working drawings with which to construct the building. Design phase is complete when the drawings and specifications are tendered for bid.

Commissioning Team involvement

  • Review Owner's Project Requirements
  • Review Basis of Design
  • Prepare Commissioning Specification
  • CxA drafts Commissioning Plan.
  • Conduct Design Documents Review

Installation Phase

Facility is constructed, systems and equipment are installed. Contractor verifies installation. Installati on phase will generally end upon completed startup of systems and equipment.

Commissioning Team involvement

  • CxA develops detailed equipment Pre - Functional Checklists
  • CxA conducts periodic commissioning observations.
  • CxA reviews Contractor Submittals specific to commissioned systems

Functionality Preformance Testing

Functional performance testing is carried out, including tests required by regulatory authorities. This generally occurs after substantial completion of the project. A/E and contractor finalize 'As Built' record documentation. Approved Functional Completion marks the end of this phase.

Commissioning Team involvement

  • General Contractor confirms completed startup and pre - functional testing.
  • CxA directs and conducts Functional Performance Tests (FPTs)
  • CxA documents FPTs and compiles information.
  • General Contractor submits record drawings and specifications.
  • CxA executes and re - tests remaining and incomplete FPTs.
  • General Contractor submits remaining O&M and closeout documentation.

Acceptance Phase

Final system performance verified, owner training completed, and systems accepted/ turned over to Owner.

Commissioning Team involvement

  • CxA Completes any remaining Functionality Performance Testing or retesting where needed.
  • General Contractor schedules training and orientation of Owner/Operator.
  • Systems are accepted and warranty period begins.
  • Seasonal testing and Warranty period review.

Case Study

Port of Miami Terminal A

One of Miami's newest architectural additions: The Crown of Miami, Royal Caribbean's brand-new Terminal. This glass-walled terminal was designed by the award-winning global architecture firm, Broadway Malyan. The M-shaped crown glows perfectly with the sunset that illuminates Miami' ever-changing skyline.

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